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Skull Ice Cube Maker - Freezer Space Saver

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Just like the popular space saving Ice Genie, now you can have your cubes in the shape of skulls! Using this great silicone ice tray can save you a lot of space in your freezer and also create more ice cubes than your average ice trays. 


  • Outer chambers freeze the ice cubes 
  • Inner cylinder stores them
  • Save a lot of space in your freezer
  • Keeps your cubes fresh and odor free with air tight lid.
  • Quickly chills bottled beverages
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 5" tall x 5" diameter
  • Large enough to fit a can of soda into the inner cylinder
  • Outer material - silicone

To use put inner sleeve into ice container, fill the outer rim with water, put into freezer to freeze. Once frozen pull the inner cylinder out and squeeze the silicone skull to pop the skull cubes out and into the holding container. Keep air tight lid on cubes to avoid ice picking up other smells.

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