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Kathy, owner of Kat's Closet Apparel & Beauty, is also a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant. What exactly is Perfectly Posh? Posh, as it is called, is a pampering skincare company that offers all natural ingredient based products. There are NO fillers, NO sulfates, NO parabens, NO soy, NO gluten, and all CRUELTY FREE. Yes, that's right Posh's products are never ever tested on animals. They also offer a full Vegan line Their products are made from the best globally sourced ingredients and all manufactured right here in the USA! - "We Simply Pamper....Naturally"

Perfectly PoshPerfectly Posh

All of the reasons above are just some of the "why" I decided to join Perfectly Posh. I watched a lot of youtube videos and saw amazing, strong, ambitious, and determined women all running their own business. I liked the leadership and support I saw among them! They offered free training and a free replicated website, along with perks, bonuses, and awards for meeting your goals. There is no monthly quota to meet and you do not have to stock all these items in your home. You literally can run your entire business online. Doing home parties and events is also part of the fun too and has given me the opportunity to meet some great people and pamper them too. 

Falling in love with the products was easy and it all started with a Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme I had purchased through a friend's online Posh Party! Not only was the scent absolutely wonderful, but it didn't leave a greasy feeling on my hands and left my hands feeling amazingly soft. Well, heck, if this hand creme is that great I wondered what the other products were like! I haven't met a product I didn't like. Face washes, moisturizers, face masks for all types of skin, body scrubs, body butters, and chunk bar soaps! 

But that's not all - Posh also has a line of bath bombs called Fizi. Fizi are made with salt from The Great Salt Lake in Utah. What is so special about this salt is it has numerous benefits to your skin. The benefits are just part of it, the scents... ohh my gosh.. they smell awesome! Fizi are only available through consultants. All of the scents available are listed in Kat's Closet Posh - VIP Sales Group on Facebook. 

Fizi By Perfectly Posh - Kat's Closet Posh

What else could you ask for a company when you literally are paid to pamper others and yourself! Well Posh didn't stop there. Their newest line extension is Vial. Vial is a long-wear matte lip stain that is made using fermented date oils and green chemistry. The colors are fierce and beautiful. Vial hydrates your lips rather than whip them. 

Vial by Perfectly Posh - Kat's Closet Posh

If you'd like to sample some of the items that Posh offers you can join Kat's Closet Posh VIP Sales group! There is a link in the group to request a sample pack. You can also hop the stock and shop Fizi as well. 

Kat's Closet Posh - VIP Sales Group

You can check out all the products and read all their ingredients on our replicated website at. Interested in being a part of Posh and running your own business? You can also join my team right through my Posh site!  

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