COVID-19 Info

With the ongoing situation around COVID-19, we wanted to share an update with our customers. These are uncertain times, but we are sure about one thing: putting the health and safety of our team and our customers is a priority.

We are doing everything we can to ensure the continued sanitation of all our products and location. The team is committed to staying healthy, and helping our customers stay healthy, too.

Please understand that any type of positive COVID test automatically puts our location at a halt until the local county health officials issue a release.

We have put numerous procedures in place to insure everyone's well being.

  1. Packages arriving into us are sanitized and put into an isolated area
  • We utilize UV wands, antibacterial wipes, and Lysol Spray
  1. They are left to air out for a few hours up to three days
  2. Items are sorted and put into stock in a separate area
  3. Delayed items and orders are shipped out in numerical order from oldest to newest.
  4. Clothing is non returnable during this time - per our insurance carrier as well as following the practices of the big box store leaders regarding merchandise that is non returnable during a pandemic. 
  5. If you are a local pick up customer, we kindly ask that you wear a face covering when picking up your order. This is to insure the safety of myself, and my family who have health issues and/or compromised immune systems. 
  6. We will be offering complimentary face masks and hand sanitizer to both pick up customers and event/pop up customers. Thank You to our local county health department for supplying these essential items to small businesses. 

We apologize for any delays in getting your order to you. Production and shipping is being impacted by global issues beyond our control, and cause a bit of a wait, both with items coming into us and also going out. 

We hope to maintain regular order shipments as best we can, and we appreciate your patience.

Stay well, Stay Safe, and Thank You for shopping Kat's Closet


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Updated - 11/19/2021