Why The Skull? Well Let Me Answer That Now...

Why Skulls everyone asks me and to them I ask "Why Not?" Skulls are a universal symbol, they exhibit no sex, no gender, and are loved by people regardless of gender, age, race, or sex. Skulls have also been a symbol of the American Biker. The Sugar Skull is a major object symbolizing a celebration of life in Mexican culture. Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is celebration of life of those that have passed. The celebration allows for those that have passed to visit their family and friends for one day. The Sugar Skull is just that, skulls traditionally made of sugar and given to children as gifts. So, as you can see the skull has many universal meanings to many different groups of people all around the world. 

Harley-Davidson's Willie G Collection has integrated and made the skull a part of the Harley life. With bike accessories, apparel, and gifts all donning the Will G Skull. Many other companies have built their own following, branding, and products based off of the skull. Bike accessory companies have come out with products such as mirrors, horn cover, derby covers, and even grips that resemble the skull or skeleton.  Painters have created some of their best work around a skull theme. 

My best friend growing up, Stefanie, is a Sugar Skull fanatic! She loves the Sugar Skulls in any forms. Clothing, candles, works of art she loves it all. Myself, I like the Skull in different varieties. I've seen some of the best art pieces feature just a skull. Rugs, bedding, kitchen utensils all come in some type of skull theme. Skulls just aren't for Halloween or Day of the Dead any longer, they have become an every day lifestyle for many people. 

The Skull should not be feared nor is it a symbol of satanism. It comes in many different, beautiful, and colorful variants on products that people wear and use every single day of their life. My goal with this store is to bring those items to those that love skulls, in all forms, shapes, and sizes as quality items at a reasonable price.