The Custom Leggings Difference

The Custom Leggings Difference

Why do custom leggings cost $25? The simple answer - Quality! But the longer answer isn't as simple. Custom leggings are, well, just that, CUSTOM. Some of the designs that the designers come up with are truly one of a kind and when I say limited, I mean limited! As in there are between 200 to no more than 2000 made of one print, 2000 being a very popular print. 2000 may seem like a lot, but in actuality considering the number of boutiques that buy custom leggings it really isn't. I've been in a situation where I put a small order in, just to go back and order more and the designer was sold out. 

Sure, there are groups for boutique owners to collaborate and post in search of, but you don't necessarily find the design you're looking for. A perfect example is the JAAM Sugar Skull Pumpkins from 2018 Halloween. They were very hard to come by and the designer even produced them twice last year. This year the ever so desirable Sugar Skull Pumpkins are available for Pre-Order! Along with the original design comes a new design with all white pumpkins and a black/dark grey stripped background. Both of these designs are certainly very neat and anticipated to be very popular again. 

JAAM Apparel Sugar Skull Pumpkin LEggingsJAAM Apparel White Pumpkin Leggings

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Another popular design(s) are anything to do with the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus! Currently on the site are Purple Hocus leggings due into us in a few weeks and also a brand new design for Pre-Order which will be due into us around the middle of August featuring the popular sisters. 

Purple Hocus Pocus LeggingsSanderson Sisters Leggings

But, back to the  main question that we keep being asked. WHY the price tag? Well there are a few reasons. 

1. Some of these designers set pricing structures for their items. As they should. 

2. These are custom designs. Some are one of a kind, some use common clip art, but all are...well.. not available in huge bulk buys like big box stores buy.

3. These designs are not available in big box stores like Walmart, Target, or even on Amazon. You may see them on Amazon or eBay, but if you do they are there and offered up by a little boutique.

4. The most obvious, QUALITY. The quality of custom design leggings is second to NONE! These designers are small business owners, just like we are, and have taken the time to sample and vet factories for the best quality. Customs are NOT see through, they are not thin where you could put a finger through. 

In conclusion! Would you expect Neiman Marcus to price their items at Walmart pricing? No, absolutely not! So, don't expect boutique owners to price custom leggings at Walmart pricing either.